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Productivity Mindset Assessment

Do you have the mindset to be as productive as you possibly can? 

In the Zone Quiz

Do you know how much more work can be done when your are In the Zone? 

Marketing Message Quiz

Do you know how severe it can be when you market to the wrong crowd?  

Meet Kayvon

Dr. Kayvon Khalilzadeh

Dr. Kayvon K, productivity and mindset coach for entrepreneurs, shares some of the biggest stumbling blocks that high-performing entrepreneurs face. Dr. Kayvon started off his career as a doctor but was soon presented with a fork in the road when he found it too difficult to push his empathy aside. After an interesting journey, Dr. Kayvon now helps entrepreneurs and CEOs get out of their own way so they can continue to grow.

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Happiness Simplified

Happiness Simplified  

Happiness is a feeling – a state of being – we know it when we have it and we know it when we don’t. In their off the cuff conversations, Dr. Kayvon K and Dai “Coach Moose” Manuel explore a range of topics on life, relationships, entrepreneurship, family and everything that makes living awesome… 

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